MyQ garage cannot be setup

Hello support. I sent an email but got no response back. I’m trying to set up my Chamberlain opener with my Surety account but I get this error message when I try in the MyQ app:

The device belongs to an active account. Please use the same email id that was used with the account to login to myQ.

I suspect this has something to do with the fact my garage opener was setup with a previous ADT account. Neither my ADT or Surety account login works with MyQ. Any ideas?

The device belongs to an active account.

This means the Gateway is registered still on an account.

The old account would need to be deleted or the Gateway must be deleted from that account in order to register it again.

Okay. So I can no longer access my old account. How do I delete the gateway?

If it is still tied to the old account, your prior dealer controlling that account would need to delete it.

Thank you

I went through this when i purchased a new home last month, I was told by chamberlain that I would have to buy a new garage door opener, as they have no way to disable’s integration. told me to try again in 30 days. I’ve still not had any luck getting mine added.

Wow that’s ridiculous. Did you call your previous alarm provider as well?

I did. ADT said I would have to get the previous home owners to call and have it removed. They of course are not going to bother with it because they have their money already.

It seems like such a security risk allowing previous home owners to maintain control of your garage door.

Unfortunately this does happen sometimes. Some dealers do not delete accounts reliably, wait until the end of a billing period to cancel, or purposely leave accounts connected, and new home owners do not have control over a prior owner’s account in order to request changes.

We cannot control or remove devices from another dealer’s account, which is expected, basic account security would never permit that. This is most often an issue when someone under contract with a dealer moves and doesn’t close out or move their account.

This is one of the many reasons we do not require long term contracts. Our service is month to month cancel any time.

It seems like such a security risk allowing previous home owners to maintain control of your garage door.

It would need to be connected to your internet for that. Disconnect it from your wifi (or unplug the gateway) until registration is resolved.

I also called ADT and the agent only was able to tell me the contract was canceled and there’s nothing else to do.

Edit: I figured it out. You have to do a triple reset on your garage opener and then reprogram MyQ and all your remotes again. Once MyQ recognizes the opener, you can then sync it to Surety.

got mine resolved this morning finally. I did a factory reset of the MyQ, I had tried before but had no success.

Do a factory reset for your device, then press the learn button 3 times.

do not try to add the garage door opener from the myQ app.

Instead, go to your wifi settings on your phone and connect to the garage door.
go to from the device connected to the garage door wifi.
select your wireless network and type in the password.

next go to the webpage, add a garage door, myQ, then internet gateway. type in the serial and you should be good.

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