My Q not showing on new IQ Panel 4

I just replaced my failed IQ Panel 2+ with a new IQ Panel 4 and the tile for my MYQ garage door opener isn’t show up anymore. I don’t see anywhere in the panel or the site to enable it to show on the panel. Is there something else I need to do? Should I delete and re-enroll the MYQ?

You have to go and deregulated gateways again. When panels get switch you lose that integration. If it does not work go remove (uncheck) liftmaster integration in your system management on surety website, save changes go back and add (check) liftmaster integration and add gateways. Works like a charm.

The above is correct, the integration is 100% automatic in ADC, there is no way to manually connect them after a panel swap, you would just need to remove the MyQ devices and add them again. We can either delete the hub for you, or you can remove the service plan feature per the recommendation above.

Send us a private message if you would like us to delete the hub for you.

Thanks Adam and Jason! That worked and my MyQ is back on my panel and working again.