My Q Garage Hub

I’ve installed the hub and connected to the WiFi. When I visit to add a device I select the lift master and enter the serial number from the back of the hub…however tells me it is already associated with another account. Any ideas?

The hub cannot be linked to a separate MyQ account. If it was added to a MyQ account, it must be deleted from MyQ prior to learning it through

Did you activate it in a MyQ account?

Sure did, I have removed it from MY Q and factory reset the device.

Tried again and still showing error sayings it’s on another account. My Q information is deleted and device has been reset.

It may take a little time for the changes in MyQ servers to take effect and all instance of the device to be deleted. We’ve noticed a delay before with this. How long ago did you remove the hub?

Also, there are two individual devices that are linked, the door and the hub are separate. I think it is possible to delete the door but not the hub. Just in case:


  • Log into your MyQ account
  • Tap the menu bars on the upper left corner
  • Tap Device Management
  • Tap the hub
  • Find the device you want to delete, press and swipe left
  • Tap Delete then tap Yes, delete.


  • Log into your MyQ account
  • Tap the menu bars on the upper left corner
  • Tap Device Management
  • Tap the Hub
  • Press and hold the device that you want to delete, until you get a pop up
  • Tap Delete then tap Yes, delete

Thanks Jason… I will give it a bit. I deleted the door 10 mins ago and just deleted the hub. I will follow up in a couple of hours to let you know.

Not sure what happened but it now shows liftmaster under the device page on What is the next step I should follow?

The hub is currently reporting to now. Through the account you can navigate to Settings > Devices > Automation Devices> Liftmaster to add door sensors and openers. The wizard will walk you through it.

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Ok devices are connected to and even show on the IQ Panel… however they are not responding to any commands at the panel or through the app.

All of your MyQ devices are reporting a malfunction at the moment. Typically when we see a malfunction on the Gateway device that means that it simply cannot communicate out reliably on your internet connection. This could be from spotty wifi or network errors during installation.

What does the status LED on the hub look like right now?

Hi Jason, I ended up returning the MYQ device to the store. Could you remove the garage doors and the Hub from my account?

Certainly, I have sent a command to remove them from your account. Please allow about 5 minutes for that to take effect.

If you decide to re-enable MyQ garage devices and/or need any troubleshooting help for those please let us know!