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Hi Surety experts

I have two garage doors and bought 2 myq chamberlain G301 for both.
I know that in the past it had to be registered to either myq or and not both, however the myq website says “it seamless work with”
As i did not found any documentation on how to setup both together I did setup one garage door with and another with myq app.

Then I try to do the other way around with the already registered devices.

When I try to register on the device that was registered with the myq app it gives an error and does not allow me to proceed (I guess because it is registered on myq)

When I try add on the myq app the device I registered on it recognizes that the device belongs to but the error message says the following “This device belongs to an active account. Please use the same email id that was used with account to login to myq”

That message gave me some hope, specially because it made sense as I was using an user id and not an email to login to
I changed my account user id to my email and now I login with the same email on both accounts but I still got the exact same message.

  1. Do I still got the message because I was not using email address to login to when I added the garage door opener? If this is the case I guess remove and add again should fix it.

  2. Does anyone knows any other path to make both work together?



As far as I know, there is no way to use the door with both the MyQ app and simultaneously. documentation seems to preclude this.

I’ve not seen that particular message before regarding accessing “email id” although I haven’t tried that. I don’t think it will have anything to do with using an email address as the user login name.

If it is possible, then I would guess there is likely a randomly generated ID/token associated with your email address in MyQ which syncs the API that may be able to be used to access MyQ. I’ll do some digging to see if there is any validity to this.

Would you please remove the garage door from my It seams that I can’t.
I want test to see what happens if I add it again after changed my login to email.


Certainly, I just sent that command. Give a few minutes and it should be removed for you.