My Q 821LM Malfunction

I installed the My Q universal hub, with 2 sensors. The sensors are mounted correctly (vertically), and the hub is mounted on the ceiling of the garage within 12 feet of each sensor in between the 2 doors. Every speed test I run on the wifi in the garage shows great connection and great speeds over 25 Mbps. I have extensive experience troubleshooting my Netgear dual band router because I had trouble keeping my V520ir connected and it turned out that particular router had known issues using WPA2. So I had to lower my encryption and strengthen my password. Not sure if any of that is related to the current problem. The My Q connects, maintains a solid green light, works perfectly for about a day. Then it won’t communicate and shows a malfunction. I do know my router has DHCP I think it’s called, where each connected device is assigned an IP address by the router. If I unplug the router and let it reboot, the My Q works perfectly again for about a day. Even when it’s not communicating, the light remains solid green on the My Q hub. Can anyone point me in a direction or has this issue happened before?

Hmm. And it is always roughly one day before you notice another issue?

I would guess the DHCP lease time is likely a good clue. Often is set to 24 hours.

Your MyQ may be having trouble during the lease time renewal. Perhaps just setting an address reservation rule for the MyQ mac address might help?

I was kind of thinking that. When I get home today, I will log into the router and try to reserve an IP address. Back to back evenings it worked fine all day, and then mid day the following day it malfunctions. So yes, roughly 24 hours. I’ll try it and report back.

Ok, so I have reserved an IP address for the My Q Hub ending in 253, which is outside of the range that is controlled by the DCHP thing. Also, I port forwarded a specified port for the Hub. I entered 65000-65000 for the range. It is working perfectly for now. I will post an update late tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

It sounds like you were having an IP conflict. If so, the actions you took should fix it. How do you know the hub uses port 65000? You shouldn’t have to forward any ports. Forwarding ports unnecessarily can leave you open to attacks.

I would turn PF off and see if it’s ok, which it should be. I believe the hub uses TCP port 8883 and both UDP/TCP port 2165 to communicate anyways.

I randomly chose a port number because I don’t know what I’m doing. Lol. For whatever reason, I thought port forwarding worked similar to choosing a random IP address suffix. Thanks for the info. I deleted the port forwarding “service”, and now the only thing that remains changed is the reserved IP address. So far it still seems to be working. I did have a hiccup yesterday right around the 24 hour mark from when I reserved the IP address the previous day. I was working in my garage, with both overhead doors open. They had both been open for over an hour when I got random notifications for both that they were “opened”. I thought this was weird because they had sat open for quite awhile with no activity. It was almost as if the hub briefly lost connection and then reconnected, sensed that the doors were open and then generated notifications. Is this normal behavior? Thanks for the help.

It would be normal if could not retrieve status and then that status was restored. Sounds likely.

You can tell by the lights on the hub.

Green Solid: Connected
Green Flashing: LAN but no Internet
Green and Blue Flashing: No LAN.

Yeah, usually if the device needs a port forwarded the install instructions will tell you which port and protocol to forward. Otherwise, it’s not necessary.

Changing to a static IP like you did should do the trick. When you reserve an IP address for a certain device there is no “lease”. Your router (DHCP server) will always assign it that particular address.

Did you get the initial notification that the garage doors were open, or only after they had been opened for a while? Sometimes when you assign static IP addresses while devices are currently active on the network, you have to power cycle the device and your router.

Good luck!

Sorry I forgot to update sooner, but this issue seems to be fixed. I did have the problem reoccur a couple days after I reserved an IP address for the MyQ, so I went back into the router and opened up the 2 ports that Tattoohead mentioned. This still did not solve the issue, as I was having random communication issues. So I found a MyQ technical forum by chance on a Google search, and one of their support techs suggested also forwarding Port 80. I do not know why, but this has worked now for over a full week. So I reserved an IP address for the MyQ Hub, then forwarded ports 8883 (TCP), 2165 (TCP & UDP), and port 80 (TCP). I have a so called high tech router, the Netgear R6300 V2, and I’ve had some issues with it. To this day I’ve never gotten my ADC V520ir cam to work 100% of the time. I have a long detailed thread elsewhere on connections dropping out and I ended up having to lower my security encryption and strengthen my password because WPA2 simply refused to work between that particular router and cam. Now it works fine except every 2-3 days the recordings stop uploading and I have to unplug and plug back in. Then they start right back up working again. I have my eye on a new router and will use the next incompatibility issue as an excuse to make the purchase. Thanks again. Hope this helps someone.

Now it works fine except every 2-3 days the recordings stop uploading and I have to unplug and plug back in.

This is certainly not normal function, though it is undoubtedly caused by an interaction with that router model, given past troubleshooting. The good news is we have yet to encounter another router with similar results.