Multiple low battery alarms all at once

Looks like this is regarding a 2GIG panel and these zones are on a TAKE-345. The hardwired takeover module, when the large brick 12VDC battery connected to it is low, will report low battery for all zones connected to the Takeover module.

If this happens frequently or doesn’t go away you should replace the 12VDC battery.

I believe I have two TAKE-345’s and have at least 12 low battery notifications.

Is there a specific battery that I need to replace it with? I see it’s a 12V DC battery with 4.5AH and it’s a sealed lead acid battery made by UltraTech Power Products. Does Surety sell these, or should I just search Amazon for this type of battery?

Lastly, is there anything more to re-installing it other than disconnecting the six leads (3 negative, 3 positive) and reconnecting them to the new battery?



Yes, the 12VDC brick is the battery that would need replaced.

You can find one on our site here:

Or it can be purchased from Amazon, hardware store, etc.

You should power down the TAKE-345s by powering down the old panel or power supply board they are connected to. Then replace the battery, then plug in the power again.

Thanks for the quick response. I just purchased it through you/Surety instead of Amazon since you have been so helpful with figuring all this out!

I just installed the new battery from Surety and made sure to install it when the whole alarm panel, including my two TAKE-345’s were powered down.

I powered it back up, then power-cycled the alarm panel but the low battery warnings have returned. Any tips for getting these low battery warnings to go away?

It looks like that status has been resolved for a couple days now. It is possible that the battery was simply a little low and needed to charge.

Did you do more troubleshooting or did it resolve on its own?

It appears that the battery likely arrived without being fully charged, since after about 12 hours the notifications have not returned. Thank you!

Now once I get my new detectors correctly received (from Surety :slight_smile: ) installed I’ll be a happy camper!