Multiple Low Batteries

All of my sensor report low battery

Typically this is a result of a Take-345 Takeover Module. Are you reusing older wired sensors with a Takeover Module? If you have done work on the system recently, make sure when powering everything up you plug in the 12VDC brick back-up battery first, then AC for your old alarm panel. If the low battery persists, your 12VDC Brick battery (probably still in the old metal alarm panel case) has either been unplugged or needs replaced.

I am having the same issue with Take-345 module, all sensors (other than the motions) report low battery.

I have tried connecting the battery first then the AC, and I have checked the battery, it’s putting out 13.6V. The battery is only a few months old.

Anything else I can try?

Power down both the panel and the Take-345.

Plug in battery for Take-345
Plug in power supply for Take-345 (typically powered off of old panel)
Plug in battery for GC2
Plug in transformer power supply for GC2.

Do the alerts come back?

Take-345 zones reporting low battery indicated the battery backup of the Take-345 itself is the problem.