Multiple Locks Keyed?

If buying multiple locks (the Yale deadbolts), is Surety able to key the cylinders to a single key?

Currently, we are out of stock on locks, but no we do not re-key.

Cylinders can be re-keyed with a standard Yale deadbolt re-key kit. They can be pricey for a full kit, but re-keying is not too difficult. I’ve bent a spring or two in my day, but the kits have replacements. I haven’t tried this company before, but I did find this.

On that note, any idea when new stock is expected in? Trying to decide if I’m going to do the locks or thermostats (ADC 2000) next.

No ETA on those, unfortunately, but I can ask the team. Demand has slowed considerably since they have become readily available at hardware stores and other retailers. (Schlage is pretty widely available)

Keep in mind we are happy to provide tech support regardless of where you get the equipment :slight_smile:

Yeah, the Yales are still a bit harder to come by online, and Surety has actually had one of the best prices around when I have found them. :slight_smile: