Multiple false motion sensor alarms

I have been getting multiple false alarms from both of my motion detectors. Is there any diagnostic information you can see on your end that could help me troubleshoot? If not, is there a way to set the sensors so that I can see their activity in the ADC website but not have them trigger an alarm?

I don’t see motion detectors connected, did you delete them from your panel?

You can set a motion detector to use Zone type (23) No Response instead of (4) Interior follower. No Response Type sensors can be used for activity monitoring with ADC but will never set off an alarm on the panel regardless of arming status.

A similar post can be found here for troubleshooting motion false alarms.

Be sure that the detectors are mounted at the appropriate height per instructions. If you have pets and they are not at the right height you can run into frequent false activations.