We are getting ready to move and need to know what is needed to “turn off” our system until we get moved into our new location?

Happy to help!

If the downtime will be less than a month it is typically easiest to place your central station account on an extended test mode until you will be ready in the new location. Please send any test mode requests via secure message tool here, including the dates when test mode should begin and end. If you do not have central station monitoring, you could just simply move the equipment as needed.

You should then follow the instructions here regarding reporting a change of address.


If the downtime will be more than one month, you can schedule cancellation by clicking on your name at the top of the site to access your dashboard, select Alarm Subscriptions, select the active subscription, and click Cancel Service.

You can then simply purchase a new subscription when ready to get started at the new address. Address details would be collected during the subscription order process.