Moving from old BHS-3000 to Surety


I’ve got an OLD (originally Brinks from 2005) ADT-monitored system based on BHS-3000 with hardwired sensors that I want to move forward from because it requires maintaining landline phone service (there is only Verizon with cellular coverage in our area and the only module for the old hardware is GSM-only = AT&T). There are a number of door sensors (some wired in series) as well as a smoke sensor and I seem to recall also a heat-sensor for fire hidden away in the kitchen as well as a siren (probably not piezo, but not sure). There are two BHS-3000 (one on each floor) connected to the control panel in a box in a closet where the power is connected and all the wired sensors and the control panels terminate. I am trying to figure out what of this would be salvageable if I moved to an IQ4 system, presumably using a hardwire 16F to tie in the existing sensors, and what would be involved in making it happen. I’ve only done some cursory searching, but don’t find much in these forums on my situation (for example, searching for the BHS-3000), so I figured I would ask.

Any advice?

Can u post pics of the devices install

There is not much difference, panel to panel. You wouldn’t be reusing the old panel or keypads. If the siren is not a piezo siren, it wouldn’t be reused.

The Hardwire 16F would let you take the hardwired sensor zones (minus the smoke and heat, they are expired anyway if as old as the system) and turn those into wireless signals to the IQ Panel.

The Hardwire 16F would go in place of the main control panel where the wires terminate.

You can typically reuse keypad wiring with the new panel plug-in transformer to power the IQ Panel if you want to replace one of the keypad locations with the IQ Panel, otherwise it can be placed elsewhere, where it best works for you.

How many sensors do you have you are looking to reuse?

You can post photos of the panel wiring if unsure.