Moved and have new system


I moved from Texas to Missouri due to a new job. We had a new system installed on Tuesday (1/11). We went with Brinks because they were offering me a comeback for the same price/features/and new equipment. We got new equipment in the Qolsys IQ 2 Panel. We were previously using the original IQ Panel in Texas.

We currently have 3 door sensors, and a motion sensor that were provided and installed with the panel. I have some questions on what recommendations would be for reliable equipment.


We have a three car garage (1 single and 1 double door) and would like to have the ability to open/close both like we did in Texas. Our current garage doors are older Chamberlain/LiftMasters and have no wi-fi or battery back-up. I think they still have some years left in them so I don’t want to replace yet. I previously used a Liftmaster device (which I still have) that was plugged into router which enabled me to open/close my double car Chamberlain door in Texas. My garage door in Texas was fairly new though. I saw something about a MYQ adapter that works with and a GoControl GD00Z-8-GC that works with In addition to being able to open/close the garage door from the app I would like my panel to chime using a sensor when the garage door opens. I had to setup a sensor for that in Texas on my garage door.

Flood Sensor. Would like to attach this and lower slightly into the sump pump basin to notify us if the water level is getting to high (possible sump pump failure).

Keypad lock: Would like to install on front door. Would probably need a product with color options to try and match the existing door hardware.

Video Doorbell: Will install at a later time

Appreciate your time and thoughts.

Qolsys maintains compatibility lists for sensors and Z-wave. I would recommend selecting from the compatibility lists.

Regarding video, be sure to ask your provider if that is supported on your plan. Compatible video devices are found on this page:

I would recommend the VDB770 over Skybell options, but this requires Video Analytics, which may or may not be available on your plan.

Thank you for the info. I have locks, garage Doors, Doorbell Camera, and Video available when I log into my account. Is the video Analytics something additional on top of video and doorbell camera?

Yes, Video Analytics is a separate feature in only on certain plans.