Mounting outdoor image sensor

I’m contemplating integrating the DSC PG9944 outdoor image sensor. The installation guide simply says to screw the bracket into a wall or pillar. I couldn’t find particularly useful information from a google search, so I wonder if someone could give me some pointers or a link to some relevant online resource:

  1. Would the general practice be to drill that bracket into the siding on a wall of the house? And if so, how deeply should the hole be drilled into the house structure itself?

  2. Is it feasible to mount an image sensor on a fence post, say, bordering a deck? I suppose that would expose it more to snowfall, which could be a disadvantage.

Just trying to get some general clue as to how competent or even professional people would think to mount an outdoor image sensor. I can easily find quite a bit about mounting outdoor video cameras, but many of the recommended mounting locations (eaves, etc.) for video cameras don’t seem to make sense for image sensors.

Thanks for any thoughts!

For best performance (and to install based on UL standards) it should be mounted at a height of 8ft. This would generally rule out fences under normal layouts.

Generally it would be mounted to a chosen surface, commonly a wall, and yes you could mount to the siding.

The manual seems to assume you’ll be using the included screws and fastening it to the wall with a screwdriver, rather than just driving wood screws in with a drill. I would probably just do the latter. Inch and a half wood screws should be fine.

Sometimes it is not called out, but I would recommend using a silicone caulk along the back and the screw holes just to make sure rain/moisture doesn’t find a way to drip in the screw holes. You can get a squeeze tube of silicone for a few bucks at the hardware store.