Mounting and running power cable

Stupid question, but how does everyone commonly install the 2GIG panel as far as running the wire for the power supply?

  • Mounting the supply in a multi-gang box?
  • Snaking the wire to an outlet right below the panel?
  • Snaking the wire to the basement?
  • Desk mount?

Just found this post again but any additional feedback is appreciated:

The vast majority of installations I have worked on power will be run into a basement. Perhaps into an attic.

Fish tape can be your very best friend in this circumstance, and you can get a 25 foot roll for about 10-12 bucks at the hardware store.

I went with the ole run the wire beneath an outlet method. I have fish tape and it was quick. I’m content for now. I wanted to run to the basement, but the challenge was that my air ducts are in the joists right below either place I would want to mount this. I may move the panel next to my thermostat and use my thermostat wires to pull the 18-2 to the basement like I recently did with coax and cat-6. But that’s another day, another project.

Finished product for now.

I’m sure you’ve long since mounted it by now, but this thread helped me decide where to mount my IQ panel so I thought I might help someone in the future. I have a wall in my kitchen right where we frequently enter the house from the garage. Behind that wall is a cubby hole for the refrigerator which happens to have an outlet behind it for the fridge, and one outlet not being used. I drilled a hole all the way through that wall and ran the power cable to that outlet behind the fridge where nobody will ever see it. I then zip tied the power plug bracket/holder clip device thing so the power plug will never fall out on its own. I stapled the power cord along the wall next to the fridge just to prevent it from ever getting snagged when rolling the fridge out of position. As if that happens more than once a decade:)

It was a post by Ryan I think on this topic that got me looking at what was on the opposite side of walls. He said that he often tries to find outlets in closets or laundry rooms, and mount on the other side of those walls. Hope this gives someone ideas in the future.