Motorized Blind Integration

Could someone please provide a current update on the motorized blind situation as it relates to ADC.

I’m looking into either the somfy or lutron caseta motorized shade systems.

Do either of these systems:

  1. Integrate with ADC such that current state is available
  2. Integrate with the GC3 panel
  3. Integrate with Samsung SmartThings


Blinds would be compatible through the Lutron Caseta and control of them could be achieved through but not at the panel

You may find this post helpful

Thanks for your reply. Just to confirm, the ADC app would be able to see current state of the Lutron Caseta blinds?

Also, from what I’ve read (which may be outdated) the Somfy system can be added to ADC as a standard Zwave device without the ability to see current status.

My local blinds retailer only carries Somfy, so I was going to look elsewhere to get the Lutron system unless someone can confirm that Somfy compatibility has improved. It sounds like Lutron is still the best option.

Somfy would not be compatible at this time. The Lutron blinds are currently the only ones compatible through

Hello, are Somfy RTS blinds now compatible with

Technically using the Somfy ZRTSI you can already use Somfy blinds. The ZRTSI allows you to learn in the blinds as virtual z-wave devices in any controller, but the caveat is that in these will be listed as normal switches. Also we’ve been told the virtual node status is not relayed to the controller, it is just one way control.

Will it still work as a one way control and once they’re programmed in how can we get them to show up as switches on the GC3 panel or app?

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