Motion Video Recording Schedule Shuts OFF

My outdoor camera records when it senses motion. Not to long ago it stopped recording motion events. I was troubleshooting everything I could think of. Then Jason informed me that my video recording schedule for that camera was set to off. I had not even thought to look there because I never turned it off. So, I turned it back on. All was working well and I noticed a couple days ago it was no longer recording motion events. This time I went straight to the video recording schedules and once again it was set to off.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?
Thanks for any help.

Had this happen to me where camera recording rules were “paused” aka disabled because of a bug with ADC.

Basically for me, it disabled the rules every time I disarmed panel. I troubleshot it myself, using both remote disarm, and local disarming. I was able to replicate the issue on video, and then had a ticket sent to ADC. They fixed the bug (at least on my account), then I deleted all my recording rule/schedules, and recreated them. I think I may have also deleted both cameras, and re-added them back (doing this usually resolves alot of “glitches” I have noticed. So whenever there is an issue, I delete, readd, reconfigure, and recreate schedules as a matter of course).

Issue has not reoccurred.

I’ll do some digging into this and see if a similar issue is occurring. In what kind of frequency do you notice this? Has it only occurred these last two times?

It may be that you are exceeding your upload quota and is pausing non-alarm schedules. If this is the case, you should be receiving and email at the start of the month reminding you of this. Did you happen to receive a notification email pertaining to this? It would have been sent around the first of the month.

Rive, thanks for the detailed answer. Everything about my account seems to work great except the cameras. I have deleted and re-added my cameras numerous times as well as the recording schedules. It seems I need to monitor if they are working correctly as often as possible. This seems like a lot of work to make sure my two cameras work when I need them.

This is the second time they have been shut off without me doing it that I know of. As I just mentioned above I have rebooted, deleted, re-added numerous times to keep the cameras working correctly. I have gone over my quota almost every month, but have not received any notification emails. I had not logged in for quite a few days and then I needed to look to see what was recorded the night before only to find the camera had not been motion recording for at least a week…

When was the last recording due to motion prior to you turning the schedule back on?

April, when the quota was hit.

Can you double check around midnight of May 1st for an update email? I will notify ADC if you are not receiving the reminder that your quota is reset.

Also, you can turn on notifications in ADC to be sent when you hit 50, 90, and 100% quota.

It is definitely shutting off once the clip limit is reached. I think should also have it turn back on once the limit is reset each month. I should not have to remember to log in and turn it back on…

I’ve suggested this on more than one occasion. Since it is a data based limitation, I think they want to make sure users are involved in the process of editing the schedules and managing clips. Automatically doing it may hide the fact that excessive recordings are occurring.

That’s great and all that wants us involved, but I have tried every setting combination to get my motion recordings to be close to the monthly maximum. It seems where I am now puts me over, but records what I would want to see. When I go one setting lower with either adjustment…It barely records. It records bugs flying in front of it, but misses people walking up to it. I had made a chart and wrote everything down to figure out the best scenario. Changed the settings, moved the camera…etc… is really pushing me away from there camera system. A great camera system works continuously 24/7 without the operator input. When you need to look at something you should be confident it is there. takes away the confidence…

You will be hard pressed to find an affordable surveillance platform that uses video motion detection to any more effective degree. Outdoor cameras are notoriously bad at filtering out things like bugs, especially at night, given the IR exaggerates their size in front of the lens.

One thing you could try is to set up one or two supplementary directional IR emitters (pretty cheap to find on Amazon) angled on the area you want to watch, but try to keep them away from the area closer to the camera lens in order to avoid illuminating close-flying bugs, then turn off the camera IR.

Also keep in mind that VMD boxes work best when used as (for lack of a better term) trip-wires. Long narrow VMD boxes allow you to better account for the necessary target size in order to trip the recording. If you are using more open VMD boxes with a dimension ratio less than about 10:1, this would be the first thing I would try.

Yep. Adjust your VMD windows for optimal triggering

Continuous recording with the SVR is’s solution for outdoor cameras.

Ryan, That is great if you want to sit there and watch everything… But I want the motion events to show up on the SVR Timeline… Which they do until you run out of clip space for that month. If the SVR could put motion events on the timeline without automatically uploading a clip that would work fine for me.

Gotcha. Then a good outdoor PIR motion detector is better than video motion detection.

And by the way I’m not disagreeing with your suggestion of how it should work. I totally agree with you. It should still show motion events on the SVR time line even after you’ve reached your upload quota. We appreciate the feedback and are always happy to pass it along.