Motion Sensors not working


I installed a complete system today and everything is working but the two motion sensors. They tested fine on the initial walk test and when I run a magnet down the side, the LED lights up, however when I run a system test they no longer register and are not working when I arm the system. Any help would be appreciated.


Motions take approx three min to “set”. They only arm in away mode.

For programming, installation and proper testing, see:

Yep, you’d have to leave the room for a few minutes and leave them with no motion, so they can reset, and then walk back in the room to trigger them.

When you say 3 minutes to set, Do u mean when the panel is armed in away mode it takes 3 minutes to set? In any case in test mode when I run a magnet the led lights up but it doesn’t regiser on the panel…what loop should it be on?

It doesn’t matter how long the panel was armed in away mode. It matters that the detectors see no motion for a few minutes before you walk in front of them to test them. They spend a few minutes “learning” the natural patterns of heat change in the room before they will consider themselves active and ready to send out a “motion detected” signal. This helps them avoid false alarms from natural heat fluctuations. Loop 1.

I linked you to programming/install instructions. I suggest you read it, it walks you through the proper programming, and has a video to show you how to properly test the pir motions.

thanks for the info Ryan. Does that also go for when the panel is in walking test mode and you run the magnet down the side, as it is not longer registering when that is done.

The 2GIG panel’s walk test mode and running the magnet down the side of the panel are unrelated.

Holding a magnet to the side of the panel puts the 2GIG motion detector in test mode so that you can test whether the motion detector effectively covers the area you want it to cover. After putting the motion detector in test mode you just walk around the room and verify that it’s LED lights up for all the critical locations in the room. It’s an isolated test of the motion detection itself.

Putting the 2GIG panel in walk test mode is for an end-to-end test that the motion detector is working properly with the 2GIG panel. You don’t need to run a magnet down the side of the motion detector for that. Just leave the room long enough for the motion detector to reset itself before running that test.

I’m assuming these are 2GIG motion detectors? If so these videos on their product page might be useful.

Great info Ryan and thanks Amanda I used those video to set them up. I will try again in the morning giving them time to set up…


Ok I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but the motions will not trip the alarm. I have set them up as suggested in the video. I have used the magnet to test them and the LED lights up when I walk in the room.

I have set the alarm and stayed out of the room with the motion sensor for a minimum of 5 minutes and then walked in, but it doesnt trip. Any suggestions? Can you look at my setup from the back end?

Thank you

Use walk test on panel.

First thing you need to do though is verify you properly installed them, set the sensitivity to high, pet immunity, etc. Mounted PIR’s at 6.5’…

Verify programming is correct. What zone type are you using? 04 or 10?

(04) Interior follower
(2) motion
(0689) pir
Equip age (0) new
Loop (1) 1
Dialer delay (0) disabled
Voice descripter
Reports (1)enabled
Supervised (1)enabled
Chime (00)disabled

Your motions are currently programmed as loop 2. They should be loop 1.

Thank you Ryan, I have done so much programming this weekend I just missed it. Kinda of like trying to proof read something you wrote. I changed it and will test.

I’ve been there. One of the biggest challenges when you’re troubleshooting a tough tech problem is limiting yourself to one change at a time. How much harder is a math problem when you have multiple variables? Same goes for troubleshooting.

  • I'm trying to fix problem A but I don't yet know the cause.
  • I change something in hopes of fixing problem A that causes problem B.
  • I change something else that fixes problem A but I don't notice thanks to problem B.
  • Now I undo that change that fixed problem A because I didn't realize it was fixed...

Often when we get stuck on something really frustrating it ends up being 2 or more separate issues that are interfering with each other.

Thanks Ryan that was it, it triggered!!! yaaaaaa