motion sensors not working

I did a test today and some motion sensors are not triggering. only basement motion sensors are triggering. please check

This thread goes over some basic operation testing and setup for the 2GIG PIR.

A big distinction to make when testing battery operated motion detectors is that the power save feature of the detectors will typically require about 3 minutes of no activity before the device will normally trigger again. This can cause questions during testing since many motion detectors may be close to where the panel is located in the home.

It would make sense that the Basement detectors worked during the test since you were presumably out of view of those detectors for at least 3 minutes.

Try running the test again and remain out of view of any motion detector for a full 3 minutes, then walk in front of them. This will give a better test of functionality.

It looks like this system is a few years old, so it may be necessary to replace batteries soon, and that may be relevant if you still have issues testing.