Motion sensors keep losing connection

On my 2GIG GC3 system, I keep getting notifications that my motion sensors are losing connection (for example “kitchen motion is offline”), then regaining again a few minutes later. These are a few years old so I tried changing the batteries and that hasn’t helped.

Any suggestions? Distance should not be a factor, the alarm panel is centrally located. One sensor has a line of sight non obstructed distance of about 20 feet yet keeps going offline.

Troubleshooting steps for offline malfunctions can be found on the page below.

When changing batteries, try leaving the batteries out for a full minute, then reinsert the batteries.

Have you made any changes near the panel? Any large metal objects?

How many sensors are experiencing this issue? Is it always the same ones?

I will try that thanks. I reviewed that troubleshooting, and none of those conditions are present. No large metal objects near there either. Nothing has changed since they were originally installed, but for whatever reason we’re getting these faults.

I just looked back at the log, and of the 3 motion sensors in the house, 2 of them are repeatedly going offline and then back again. Of concern, sometimes they’re going offline for several hours at a time. Other times, they go offline for a few minutes. Pretty weird.

The third sensor (which is located pretty close to, but a little bit farther away from one of the faulty ones) never seems to go offline.

Unless it is offline all day, the length of time it is offline is not usually indicative of much. Offline means that supervision messages were missed. If a motion detector is starting to have signaling troubles, that’s the first thing you would see. Once the panel received any signal from them the condition would resolve. This might be manual activity or a subsequent supervision period.

One test you can run would be to take the known working sensor and swap its location with one of the two that are going offline.

Does the problem follow the sensor to the new location? This indicates a likely sensor or power issue.

Or does the problem now occur on the new previously working sensor? This indicates a location issue.