Motion Sensor: Variable Mode Settings

I have a motion sensor in the kitchen which covers perimeter doors and windows in that room. I know motion detectors are typically not armed in stay mode, but I’m wondering how I might have it behave as follows:

Stay Mode: If motion is triggered directly, it delays X seconds in time for us to reach the panel, and triggers alarm after delay if not disarmed. I would want this delay to be less than entry delay 1.

Away Mode: If motion is triggered directly, alarm is immediate. If front door entry sensor is triggered first, the motion delays for disarm. I believe that’s a standard interior follower, which is how it’s setup at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately there is no zone type to match this and 2GIG zone attributes cannot be edited.

The Away Mode description is accurate of “Interior Follower”

“Interior with Delay” functions as you describe in the first part, (uses Entry Delay 1 though) but only in Away mode.

Thanks Jason. What if I set the motion to perimeter? Could it then be active in Stay Mode?

In Away mode, as long as the motion is pointing away from an entry area, it would not trip an alarm during the delay period.

In Stay mode, i’m thinking we just disarm the system through the app (or use a secondary keypad) before entering the kitchen floor.

Anything I’m missing with this solution?



Or, what if I set the motion up as entry/exit 2, with a short enough delay to be effective in Away mode, but long enough to disarm in Stay mode. Say, 10 seconds?

Well, now I see that with option 2 (setting motion as entry/exit 2), the minimum delay is 30 seconds. So, in that scenario if someone breaks in and disables the panel during those 30 seconds, i’m assuming it registers as an alarm, and that an alert is sent, if no code is entered on the keypad.

Given this info though, maybe Option 1 (perimeter with disarm prior to entering kitchen) is better.

Yes, the minimum delay is 30 seconds.

You can program the detector as perimeter. (It won’t be recognized as a motion by ADC then) You would want to make sure that it cannot be tripped during an entry or exit delay countdown, as you mentioned.