Motion sensor triggers pending alarm despite entry delay

Hi, GC3 owner here with latest firmware. For the last two firmwares, we’ve had the problem where a motion sensor will trigger a pending alarm despite an entry delay still being counted down. Enter through an exterior door which begins the alarm delay, but if we cross a specific motion sensor, a pending alarm will trigger immediately even though there is still a lot of time left in the delay (doesn’t happen every time either). This only happens for one specific motion sensor. Haven’t changed anything lately except the firmware ( a couple months ago and again recently ( Was hoping the most recent firmware would fix it.

Is this something to do with the motion sensor being low on battery? It’s set up as an interior follower. The entry door is set to have a delay. It’s been like this for years. Only recently has this become a problem.

When was the last time the battery was changed

Hi, the battery has never been changed on any of the motion sensors.

I don’t think that be the cause but try changing the battery

There is a known issue like this with the GC3. We’ve been complaining about it to Nortek for a while now.

If this is what’s happening to you, we’re happy to report it again. If you’d like to as well…


That is happening to me. It’s weird because it only happens with a specific motion sensor. From another door, it doesn’t happen until we pass into the region of the affected motion sensor.

We’ll make sure they hear about it. But you can see how long that thread has been going…

It’s weird because it only started happening with the past two firmwares as far as I can tell. But I did get behind in updating so maybe it was one or two earlier than that. Thanks for helping.

GC3 firmware 3.1.3 was the last one without this issue. It appears to have occurred with the release of Smart Areas on 3.2.

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I am also having this issue. Has this been fixed yet?

There have been no updates since the last message of this thread here.

3.2.6 firmware will supposedly fix it, but it is not available yet.