Motion sensor(s) stuck open

The first time it happened was with a Honeywell 5800PIR-RES, control screen showed motion (open). I went in the room to check it, room was empty and everything looked normal. Waiting about 10 minutes it still showed open. I mistakenly thought arming it would reset the sensor, well the alarm went off instantly at end of countdown. Very fast response! After that the sensor showed closed.

Fast forward to today, now a different Honeywell 5800PIR-RES shows open and won’t go closed. Again nothing in the room.

So my question is there a reason this could be happening? Should I replace the 2 sensors?

What is the easiest way to reset the sensor if it’s stuck open?


That’s some strange behavior, however I have seen similar occurrences.

It may be a loop issue, so I would make sure that these motion detectors are programmed for Loop 1.

It may also be as simple as a signal issue. The motion detector should not remain open for ten minutes solid, even with fairly constant movement, due to power saving features on the device. However, it may be possible if the panel is having trouble receiving signals, to get an open signal at some point and never receive a close signal.

Is your panel located near either of these sensors? Do you have any excess metal around or near the panel or motion detectors? Are they any great distance from the panel?

I just edited my post as you replied. I checked back on the alarm history and they were both 5800PIR-RES, but 2 different sensors.

Panel is centrally located and these 2 sensors are some of the closest to the panel. It’s mounted on a wood stud wall with drywall.

That’s why I waited the 10 minutes the first time I figured it would go into power saving. It does make sense if it’s not getting a close signal. Does the TS1 relay any sensor info to the main panel? The motion sensor that first stuck open in January is maybe 8-10 open air feet from a TS1.

How would you reset the sensor if stuck open?

The TS1 does not accept sensor signals. There is no manual “reset” for the sensor, nor would you ever want to have to do that. This is either a sensor problem, receiver problem, or signal problem. Likely one of the latter two since it occurred on two sensors.

Perhaps a good test would be to tamper the sensor in place. If the tamper does not register, you know signalling is a problem for some reason.

In fact, I would suggest choosing the further of the two and tamper it without removing it from its mount, does it tamper? If not, take it down and tamper it in the middle of the room it covers (away from the wall) does it tamper? Try each 10 times or so to see if there are any irregularities.

The good news is that even if it is a signal issue, a repeater is an easy probable solution.

I will do the tamper test tonight after work, thanks for the quick response.

Not a problem. And yes, given your description that would be the first thing I would try to explore. Intermittent issues are always trickier to nail down, but we’re happy to help.