Motion Sensor Questions

Hello Everyone, I am installing my new 2gig system to replace my existing DSC solution and am in the process of testing my installed motion sensors. My main 2gig panel is withing the sensing zone of one of my motion sensors. During testing I will set my alarm to away with no exit delay. I will then start to walk around however my alarm does not trigger. My thought is that because the motion sensor is detecting motion or is “active” when i am setting the alarm it will not trigger the alarm. If this is true then how long does there have to be zero motion for the sensor to go into an “idle” mode and therefore trigger the alarm when i move away from the panel? This is a resolution PIR sensor. I would also assume that this time threshold is determined by the logic on the sensor and not the panel. (However I think uses its own logic to determine idle/active status on sensors; could someone confirm this?) Also, does anyone have any thoughts on whether to set the sensitivity to high or normal and how this impacts whether pets will trigger the alarm? Thanks!

It does sound like there hasn’t been enough time given to the motion detectors to register the room and go idle. Generally speaking, you will want to give the motion detectors at least 2 minutes to register the ambient room temperature.

As far as sensitivity settings go, I would keep the sensitivity settings on normal if you have pets. Increasing it to high could increase the number of false alarms triggered by your pets. That being said, I encourage you to set the sensitivity to high and test with your pets to see if they are triggering the motion detector.

Here is how to properly program and walk test a pir1 motion detector

I set all my pir’s and image sensors to High to get the full coverage range of (PIR “high” 30’x50’), and (IS/PIR “high” 35’x40’)

Keep in mind that you need to install at 7.5’ for lens on PIR, (and 8’ for IS/PIR) (not bottom of case), for optimal functionality, and the 5’ directly in front of detector is not seen by pir due to look down angle.

Make sure you have it properly installed for lens view, programmed correctly, etc

See video