Motion Sensor Question

I have a 2GIG PIR Motion Detector (2GIG-PIR1-345)installed. During installation I put it into test mode using the magnet and it sensed correctly as expected. After hooking my new alarm system, I was trying to run the system test from the panel with all sensors in the house. All sensors register correctly, except the motion detector. It never detects anything. If I trigger the tamper by removing it from the wall, it registers in the test.

Also, when I arm the system to armed away, the motion sensor is not triggering an alarm.

How long do you wait for the motion detector to reset before testing it? It senses heat patterns and needs a couple of minutes to readjust before it will trigger off of your motion. I suggest leaving the room and waiting 2 minutes before testing the motion detector.


You are correct, it is a timing thing. It registered motion after being out of the room for a while. Thank you for the clarification!

That little idiosyncrasy of newer PIR motion detectors gets everyone the first time they install one. The sensor watches the heat pattern in the room for a minute or two so it knows what to expect in the “normal” case and then looks for changes to trigger an alarm. It helps prevent false alarms. Older PIR motion detectors didn’t have this issue but they created a lot more false alarms.