Motion Sensor Malfunction

My motion sensor has not worked in quite some time. I kept getting low battery notices. I did change the battery, but that did not stop the malfunction. Are the troubleshooting techniques that I can try to get it to work?

To better help you, can you provide the model number of the motion detector? Was this a new detector when you added it to the system?

How long did it work properly prior to the low battery alerts and malfunction?

I am having the same problem with my motion sensor camera. It constantly says it has a low battery even after new batteries (trying different brands/quality). It is the QS-800-P01 Qolsys Image Sensor. Longest I’ve gone with it not giving alerts is about 3-4 days tops. It is very irritating. It is in my lowest traffic room, my garage, where we go 6x per week tops.

Can you tell me the revision of your Qolsys panel? This would be indicated by the fourth character of the serial designation.

Does the image sensor function properly otherwise? Are you able to peek in and view captures?

Ooops. Got it wrong, I have 2Gig panel, so I have the 2Gig sensor. Sorry
2GIG Image Sensor PIR Motion Detector (2GIG-IMAGE1).

It mostly functions, the peek in and captures seem to take a very long time, sometimes up to a half hour to come to my phone. Sometimes it works fine. I think when this first started happening, I removed the sensor and re-entered it on the panel and it still didn’t seem to work.

I also have one door sensor that is always losing the panel. It is closer than other sensors, so I have that problem too. I’ve gotten a repeater, and that helped for a bit, but now we’re back to losing sensor supervision pretty much 90% of the time.

Regarding the door sensor, what model sensor is it? Is this a metal door or other material? is there excessive metal between that sensor and the control panel?

Have you tried an existing known working sensor in that same location? Swapping the serial numbers of a working zone and the malfunctioning one and swapping the sensor positions would be a good way to rule out environmental impact.

What kind of batteries are you using for your image sensor? Are you able to test their individual voltage using a multimeter or other tester?

I have 2GIG Thin Door/Window Contact (2GIG-DW10-345) on all the doors. The door is wood carriage door, a set of two, and the other sensor on identical door works fine. I’ll try swapping them.

Image sensor uses AA batteries, and I’ve tried a range of qualities. Currently I have lithium high quality brand new AA Energizer in it. It acts the same as when I’ve used any other brand/quality. I don’t have a meter.

When did you last replace the batteries in this unit?

Five days ago. Just put new batteries in today. We’ll see how long it works.

It’s a pretty constant problem.

Batteries in that model do not last very long. Lithiums will expect 8 months or so of use. But four or five days is obviously a malfunction. It looks like the panel may not be getting proper readings for the Image Sensor battery power level. Can you check on your control panel what the battery voltage reads for your image sensor?

3.21 volts

Are sure you are getting a “low battery” warning, or are you getting a “malfunction-loss of supervision”?

Low battery on the GC IS doesnt show till lithium’s are at nominal 3.0.5v

3.21v on new batteries? I have had mine in for near 4-5 months and mine are only at 3.29v.

Unless you are using daily view or something, and the infared flash is burning up the batteries consistently, your new batteries shouldnt be that low. Brand new lithium batteries should be at around 3.47v or so. You are using lithium AA, right? What’s the date code/year on battery/package?

What model do you have? The newer IS’s have newer firmware versions, and a 2yr expected battery lifespan (ADC-IS-200-GC and ADC-IS-204-GC). Newer firmware is 201.10.

If you have a ADC-IS-100-GC (firmware 200.4), these have poor battery life, and prone to malfunction. If you just bought this IS, or have had it less than 1 yr, you are still within manufacturer warranty, and should return/exchange for the newer IS model with the improved battery life, and where the loss of supervision malfunction has been resolved.

Opps. Typo

The newer IS's have newer firmware versions, and a 2yr expected battery lifespan (ADC-IS-200-GC and ADC-IS-204-GC). Newer firmware is 201.10.

I meant…

ADC-IS-200-GC and ADC-IS-205-GC

That’s the voltage with brand new batteries. Lithium. The alert hasn’t started yet, with these newer batteries. I’ll see how long it takes before it does the low battery warning. It hasn’t ever had loss of supervision, just low battery after about a week with new batteries, all types, different qualities. I have a firmware of 201.0. I think my purchase was within a year.

I’ll let this new set of batteries do their thing (which is likely a week or two max), and then I’ll research a return. As a working person, battling this stuff is very time consuming.

I use a lot of batteries, I’m a photographer, so I buy new ones constantly, so freshness of batteries would have been a concern if this had happened only once, but I’ve tried a lot of different ones at this point - and I buy them at least once a month.

Is your IS constantly capturing/uploading clips? If so, you might want to change the recording rules

Your lithium batteries should last 2 years with normal use.

If you are not constantly capturing/uploadimg images, then you should look into a return/exchange of your Image Sensor under warranty as It appears to be defective (eccessive battery drain).

Well, one last thing I would do to test is to take the image sensor within 3 feet of the panel and follow reset procedure to rule out a software issue causing excessive signalling.

“Insert a paperclip into the hole on the front of the sensor to access the reset button. Press and hold for 3 seconds to power cycle the sensor. Press and hold for at least a full 10
seconds until the sensor LED flashes rapidly for at least two seconds to reset the sensor
and clear it from its network. The sensor must be reset prior to enrolling in a new network”

If after reconnecting to the panel it still drains batteries as it does now, you’ll want to get that replaced if under warranty. If you purchased it from us, our policy can be found here.