Motion Sensor Intermittent Issues

I have had my 2GIG system for about 3 years.

Lately I have had motion sensors report “malfunction” and I have replaced with new ones when it got too frequent.

I now have another one having and issue and I find it hard to believe that all these motion sensors are defective

This one in question has been working fine for 3 years. I tested the battery and it is .7 volts over the rating (I believe 3.7). It will report loss of supervision or malfunction randomly. The Span of time is usually 2 weeks apart or more.

It is well within the 350 ft. range. We did change our wood framed french doors to metal sliders and this door is in the line of sight. But I would think if this was the issue, the failure notifications would be more frequent

Based on how infrequent this failure is, do you feel this sensor is bad?

Do your sensors ever fail then correct themselves? Maybe that is just a part of “life” with these things. This sensor usually reports and end of malfunction within an hour.

Resolving itself within an hour would make sense, as that is roughly the supervision interval. I would expect that behavior from a properly functioning sensor having trouble reaching the panel with its RF signal.

Do you happen to have an RF sensor signal repeater? Adding one can significantly boost performance of your security sensor signals. (Life safety devices like smoke detectors would not be improved)

It looks like there is a very large number of wireless zones on this account, pushing the panel limit. I have noticed that on systems with 30+ sensors, supervision malfunctions are much more frequent. If a vast number of supervision signals occur simultaneously it seems one is more likely to be dropped. It doesn’t necessarily affect sensors furthest from the panel either.

In those cases a repeater has resolved the issue.

do you have these in your store? Can you give me a link please?

Thanks for the response.

Sure, the 2GIG Version can be found here. Only one can be used per system. However, all you need to do is plug it in between trouble sensors and the panel. It needs no programming to function. Just listens for the appropriate frequency and repeats the sensor signals

ordered from you :slight_smile: