Motion Image Sensor problem

I just switched over to your service this morning and got all of my notifications/rules/settings back to how they were. The one problem I’m running into is that my image sensor no longer shows on my home page of the website. I tried re-learning the sensor back in, power cycling the panel and the sensor itself but no luck. It does show present in the installer toolbox but the signal strength says “NOT SUPPORTED”. I’m unsure how to proceed.

Happy to assist!

I am not currently showing that you have an Image Sensor enrolled at the panel. How did you learn the image sensor into the panel?

What is the model number of the image sensor in question?

You will want to fully remove and re add the image sensor.

This video covers How to Remove and Default an Image Sensor from your 2GIG Go!Control Panel

This video here will cover how to learn in the Image Sensor into the 2GIG GC2 panel.

Any Change?

Hi Tyler,

At my end the panel shows it enrolled in wireless RF #19 position as well as the installer toolbox under image sensors with the correct MAC ID. It’s an ADC-IS-200-GC.

I had already fully removed it and re added it prior to writing to you. I had to learn it in with the “paper clip to the reset button” technique because it didn’t find it when I first inserted the batteries. It’s set up properly I believe- 04 interior follower, 2 motion, 9999 image sensor, loop 1, and everything enabled except the chime.

In addition, while the panel was powered down, I removed and reinstalled the xcvr radio to make sure it was seated fully since I was in the panel this morning installing the new LTE module.

Am I missing something?

Thank you for following up!

Settings are where they should be.

Commands have been sent to sync the image sensor and records indicate that the device is populating properly, can you confirm?

Image sensor tile is now showing on website home page for me as well as the iOS app. I will continue to test but it’s looking good. Did I do something wrong at my end?

And thank you for your assistance!

The Image sensor in question had not populated with yet, hence why the device was not showing properly. Running a cell test at the panel can clear this issue up

Now getting “Image Sensor rules not yet confirmed.” when I try to do a peek-in. I did do a cell test but no change.

Now working properly after power recycle. Thank you again!

Excellent! No Problem