motion detector

Please help!!

I just bought these items

2GIG PIR Motion Detector (2GIG-PIR1-345) × 4 $206.60
DIY Basic Interactive × 1Central Station Monitoring:Add Central Station MonitoringCloud Video:No Cloud Video $42.90
2GIG Go!Control Touch Screen Wireless Control Panel (2GIG-CNTRL2-345) × 1Cellular Module:3G Verizon Cellular Module (CDMA) $268.50
2GIG Thin Door/Window Contact (2GIG-DW10-345) × 2 $44.90
Security Alarm Yard Sign × 1 $3.95
Security Alarm Window Stickers 4-Pack × 1
I am trying to test my motion detector make sure they work but I am having a hard time getting the system to work. The whole system was programmed before delivery but for some reason the motion detector are not responding to sensor.

This video helps to explain how the motion detectors work. When you say that the motions are not responding, does this mean they are not setting off the alarm when you test? If so, are you waiting 2-3 minutes for them to reset before trying to activate them? Or are you looking for them to be verbally recognized? We set motions to not announce, whereas doors and windows will be announced by our default programming.