Motion detector on idle

Is there a reason my motion detector would be stuck in idle? Just installed yesterday and i changes the battery just in case. For some reason it’s just stuck. The wifi isn’t too far if it needs a signal.

Happy to assist.

Idle is a normal status, it means the motion has not detected motion. When you trigger the motion, does it report to the panel and does the status change from idle to Activated in ADC?

To clarify, while the motion detrctors in use are wireless, meaning battery operated, these Motion detectors do not operate using W-Fi they connect directly to the panel using the RF
319.5 frequency. Your router distance, etc has no bearing on the motions ability to communicate

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Nothing is happening. There is not a light on the sensor when I walk by or when it’s not armed either. When I go into sensor tests it says it’s “critical -95).” I guess thats why I assumed it need wifi lol

To confirm, what is the make/model of sensor? It appears to be the IQ Motion S-Line IQ1231-840, correct?

The motion LED does not light up when triggered unless it is in WALK TEST MODE

From the sensor manual, Walk test mode is activated by opening the motion detector back plate enough to release the tamper switch, then closing it again. During walk test mode the red LED on the front of the detector will light up every time motion is detected.

Use this feature to test the coverage pattern of the protected area. The motion detector will remain in walk test mode until there is a period of one minute of inactivity, meaning that no motion is detected for one minute, at which time it will return to normal mode.

If the motion does not trigger when you walk into its field of view, try deleting the motion from programming, then re-add it and test, any change?

How many feet away from the panel is the sensor and what type of material is the senor mounted on?

Programming can be found below:

Test mode done! And all systems go. At least I hope so lol. Thank you for your help