Motion Detector Battery Replacement

I’m needing to replace the batteries to the PG9934P indoor motion detector. I see the specs are either two CR-123A 3V batteries or two CR17450 3V batteries in series. I ordered individual CR17450 batteries and realized it was not obvious how to deconstruct the previous pack harness and rebuild it with the new individual batteries. My questions are:

  1. Am I right that I’m not going to be able to put two CR17450 in series in a simple way (that doesn’t require me to learn how to solder for example)?
  2. If there is no simple way to put the individual batteries in series, then I assume I should be buying a pack similar to the OEM batteries. When I search for this, I seem to find various small sellers on Amazon and Walmart with thin review histories who apparently simply assemble the battery packs themselves. I’m just wondering if anyone knows a reliable source of assembled pairs of CR17450 in series.

Thanks much!

The PG9934P uses a replacement model of CR123A batteries in a pack: look for the BATT-PGX934P.

It is not currently available through our distribution partner, but it may be in stock and available through some vendors.