Motion Activated audio message every hour on IQ4

I programmed all my sensors (which was far easier thsn I thought BTW)

I have several motion detectors programmed in. They all have custom names. All are set without a chime or voice reading the name out loud.

Every hour or sometimes ever other hour the panel’s audio announces “motion Activated”. I have nothing named just “motion”

I can’t figure out how to stop it and don’t want to swap panels in you system out of fear that I’m will get false alarms every hour

Checked my ADC history and no history of these motion triggers (there are triggers for things we are familiar with e.g. my wife went in hall at 3:17 to sleep in the other room because the iQ 4 was announcing an alert ever hour)

Also, this is happening when there is no activity in the house. We are sleeping so no one or nothing should be tripping sensors

Do u have the motion detectors programmed as group 17

U might have the panel motion detector programmed in

All motion are group 17 except for 2 outdoor ones I have at group 25

How do I u program the motion sensor in the panel? I can’t find the setting

Strange though as the panel is laying perfectly still on a table and there is no movement

Only thing I can think of now would be the outdoor ones do u have chimes or voice enable in sensor programming for these 2 ?

Yes, but they have custom names. The panel is stating “motion activated” which is not the custom name

The outdoor sensors are just tomalert us if someone is out there and are not set up to send an alarm to the monotoring station.

Hmmm I’m kinda drawing a blank at the moment on what would cause that issue I will continue do some research but if I don’t get back too u one the tech support guys can will be able to help tomorrow

I have narrowed it down to my “Garage Motion Detector” a verbal alert went off at 4:14 pm PST just now.

I checked the history and there is no record of this sensor going off

I also have a rule for this sensor to turn on the garage lights and they were off.

I have 2 outdoor sensors… A honeywell and its working fine and no false alerts.

And the Garage Sensor in question is this one

Alula Resolution Products RE 253 Outdoor motion detector

I have the sensor set to safety only by

All my other motion detectors are programmed under loop !. When this one was learned in it came in under Loop2

UPDATE - changed the motion to Loop 1. Seems to have stopped. Will post again of things change.

I would still like to know why if it should be on Loop 1 it learned it in as Loop 2. I did it 2 times to be sure.

changed the motion to Loop 1. Seems to have stopped. Will post again of things change.

Good catch.

The Loop number for a Honeywell compatible sensor will not always learn in as the appropriate sensor reporting loop. Frequently you might see a DW contact learn in showing Loop 1, but the reed switch uses Loop 2.

Always be sure to set the loop number per manufacturer instructions of the sensor.

Most sensors will be Loop 1, Reed Switches for DW contacts are typically Loop 2, Recessed 2GIG DW are Loop 1.

Smoke/Heat/Freeze and other multi-function devices will have multiple loops for different functions.

If you have any questions about the Loop number for a sensor, let us know. Reporting irregularities or a lack of reports completely are common results of Loops being incorrect.

Can you explain what a “Reed switch is”. Could you put it in context and contrast that with other switches.

Just bought another Power G switch tonight. Wish you had the clear ones. I assume it’s ok to paint over the white ones?

In context of a DW10, for example, the internal reed switch is the one built into the sensor which is thrown by the sensor magnet. That uses Loop 2.

The wired input uses Loop 1.

Painting door contacts should be fine.