Most optimal/reliabel way to remotely open garage

I want to be able to remotely open/close garage. I have a new-ish Genie opener.

What is the best option for my 2gig GC2 panel? LiftMaster 821LM or the Linear GD00Z-4? I’m inclined to go with GD00Z-4 simply because its promoted on and sold by same company that bought 2gig. So perhaps better support since same company in control of all components.

Also open to any other solutions.


Seems this was already discussed here:


Kind of leaning toward GD00Z-4 if it doesn’t require wifi/internet. I view the 2gig cellular connection and zwave protocol as more reliable (not sure if warranted).

Largely the difference will be in communication method.

Both utilize a secondary tilt sensor to know garage status.

It does become a question of cell + Z-wave or Wifi and Internet connection.

If you have a fair number of repeating Z-wave devices in the house, some between the panel location and the garage location, you are very likely to see a stronger and more reliable Z-wave network connection than Wifi.

This also depends on the quality and location of your router, which may provide better coverage for the 821LM instead.

I found a major difference between the 821LM and GD00Z-4 after I already ordered the GD00Z-4.

The GD00Z-4 requires a “DIY Gold Interactive”. I only want to be able to open/close garage remotely and not use it for security purposes. I currently have a Basic account - so it would be an extra $5/mo in perpetuity to use

So the 821LM doesn’t have this requirement, so I guess that’s the solution for me!

Liftmaster integration also requires Gold Interactive. You can see included features here.

Sure, but I can just use the Liftmaster MyQ app to open/close my garage. Thats all I’m looking for. I don’t have an option outside of for the GD00Z-4

True, you wouldn’t be able to integrate it with the account, but could use it independently.

Thanks for sharing your ideas Jason