More than one repeater?

I bought a 2gig range extender a few months ago and its working great. However, after adding a few more sensors on the far side of my home, (e.g. garage) I seem to have exceeded the range. My question is, can I add two of these units to my install? The description suggests you should only have one, but I’m unclear why? Are you aware of issues installing more than one of these?

The issue with having more than one repeater is that they are likely to get stuck in an almost infinite loop talking to each other and updating the panel with sensor status incorrectly. The sensor status change would most likely not be instantaneous and could even take up to a few hours to change. Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing whether or not the repeaters have sent all of the information or if they are still bouncing it back and forth.

This poses a couple problems. The first being that if someone does break in when the system is armed, the alarm may not trip because the repeaters are busy chatting each other up without talking to the panel. The second issue is that of false alarms. The panel may finally get the door sensor open signal or motion detector signal well after you’ve armed the system and left the house.