More than 1 Lutron Smart Bridge Pro with ADC?

Can I have more than one Lutron Smart.Bridge Pro work with I’m in the process of remodeling and really like Lutron’s Caseta Wireless switches and dimmers along with Lutron app for IOS (and connectivity to After going thru my whole house I have determined that I may end up having 59 devices to connect to the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro. Lutron has a limit of 50 devices (49 as the hub is considered a device). Per the Lutron blogs, I have 2 options: 1-use RadioRA 2 instead or 2-have 2 Smart Bridge Pros on 2 separate Lutron accounts. The first option RadioRA 2 seems costly and it doesn’t appear Lutron is investing in this as they are with Caseta Wireless. The second option seems like the winner as its simpler. Only downside is it requires 2 hubs. This begs my question above, can I have more than one Lutron Smart Bridge Pro with an account?

I do like Caseta. And yes, an additional account can be linked so you should be able to integrate all 59 devices under your app.

Jason, thanks for the quick reply here. I’m looking to get an alarm system and service thru SuretyDIY (your forums are great for DIYers!). Just wanting to see what 2gig CG3 will have vs Qolsys. So figure I’ll make my decision this fall/winter timeframe. Thanks again!

Well, it looks like I spoke too soon. Adding a second currently does not work, sorry, just confirmed that. You can go through the motions, but since the service links account access and not individual Smart Bridge devices, it is currently set up for only one account. The second account’s devices will not populate.

It looks like this may be a planned addition though considering the option to add an account is still there.

Check back closer to the time you are looking at and we will see if this has changed. I am talking with ADC and seeing if they might be able to integrate a second.

Well, thanks for checking directly with ADC. I just spoke with the Lutron tech support regarding Caseta vs RadioRA. Though Caseta is being marketed as home solution (to an extent with their videos and collateral)…it’s meant to be more of a single room/point solution. I still like the idea of going to Caseta as a home solution as a) very simple setup, b) lower cost per device than RadioRA, c) doesn’t require training or special software, d) like the fact that pico & caseta switches look the same. What I’m contemplating is since Caseta has device limit of 50, maybe some of my devices won’t connect thru the smart bridge pro - so that I will be under limit and work with ADC.

That is true, you could simply use Zwave for the additional 9 and have those all under the app. Zwave switches will help strengthen the Zwave network if you plan to add other devices like thermostats and locks.

Good point. I do plan on having a zwave network as well for locks. thanks again.