More Advanced System than Simon XTi, Using Same Sensors?

I moved into a home with a Simon XTi, which I would like to integrate into an automation systems and do a few other things. It seems the Simon isn’t perhaps the most robust, but the system has a bunch of sensors and a sensor repeater as well. Is there a more powerful system available that I could upgrade to and retain the use of the same sensors already installed?

The XTi would use 319.5 GE sensors, also compatible with the IQ Panel 2.

You would want to verify the model numbers of all the sensors, and make sure that is a repeater and not a translator, as changes to the device/loss of power/moving it would result in different outcomes.

Hi Warren, thanks for the reply very much. I’m thinking of the Networx series now because it can be networked with RS-232, which looks like should work and has an LTE Verizon & Zwave module available.

Do you know if there’s an easy way to add wireless sensors without detaching them from the installed location?

Most wireless sensors can be learned in while in place by simply activating them. This can be difficult if motion detectors exist, and motion detectors should typically be removed and learned in so that they do not activate while tripping the rest of the sensors.

Thank you very much. This is super helpful.

It doesn’t look like you guys sell the Networx line on your site, if you do a good job there offline, let me know and I can call in.

Always happy to assist!

suretyDIY does not sell Networkx products in our store. All products sold by suretyDIY are available in our store.

if you do a good job there offline, let me know and I can call in.
Could you please elaborate/clarify so we can further assist?

Got it. I just meant if you can sell them, just not online, I can call in.