Monthly Heating Report

I wanted to see if I could review any additional details about heating usage. The monthly report they email shows just one bar per month which makes it impossible to try and adjust my heating schedule based on usage. I would like to see when my furnace is kicking on based on my set point/current temp and tweak my schedule to reduce it as much as possible. My house gets great heat from all my windows during the day so I have tried to utilize that as much as possible to figure out what time I should turn the furnace on. I see other thermostats have much more detailed reports for tracking/trending furnace run times and data loggers. Hopefully this will be addressed in the future to catch up to some of the other smart thermostats.

Here is my monthly report if anyone is curious what it looks like:

Here are some examples I would like to see out of adc thermostat reports. Possibly even integrated into the app to browse and analyze the data in real time and a history of it.
Nest living room daily report-thumb-594xauto-3221 Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 9.17.02 PM

These are great suggestions! I believe more detailed HVAC reports and usage is in the works with at least the T3000 based on things I have heard. I’ll forward your suggestion to as a feature request. Maybe they can confirm what might be on its way!

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Is that first report one that is offered through ADC. I have the 3000 and guess I have never really looked into “reports”. ThAt would be a great feature.

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I have an Ecobee that provides those reports and also correlates it with the weather and outside temp. I wonder if it would be possible to mimic those reports. I’d be happy to post up some examples.

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Thanks Jason, I appreciate it. I had a feeling at some point this would be addressed since they have the data/tech from the T3000 to make this happen, mine as well try and utilize it.

Kevin, the first image I attached is my monthly Heating and Cooling Report sent via email to me at the end of each month. Since you have the T3000 you should be able to go to Reports and set it up so you can receive it. It’s not a ton of data but its still pretty cool to track/compare.

Thx. I just found it. I agree with you I would like to see more useful data.

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I don’t have a lot of specific details on it yet, but I had a conversation with reps regarding this and they said that an advanced report option is indeed being worked on for at least the T3000 which will provide more granularity than the current report.

They anticipate this being available later this year.


That is great to hear. Thank you for looking into it for me. I’ll be keeping an eye out for an update. Time to upgrade my remaining thermostats.