Monoprice Z-Wave Locks

I setup my Qolsys system including a Honeywell takeover and have been pretty happy so far. I have the thermostats and garage door openers working but I’m stuck on the door locks. I purchased the Monoprice door locks and was able to get them registered with the panel but the instructions on the door lock indicate that the IQ panel/ app are what creates the master and user codes.

“Follow the instructions for your ZIC to setup the master code and to manage individual user access codes.”

Is this the same for other Scalage and Yale locks? The system recognizes the lock as a Yale.

Thanks for the help.

On a Yale lock the “master code” is untouched by remote commands and is used for local programming. It is the first thing set up with a new lock. This is likely similar. You will want to follow packaged instructions to set up initial code. Then send codes and test through