Monitoring Service

I currently own simon xti panel including 2 door locks, 6 cameras fifteen Window and door sensors. I would like to use equipment and purchase a monitoring service company such as yourself.
Is this possible, if so how much a month? Additionally I would like to get up immediately so how quickly can this occur?

It is certainly possible to use your existing setup with our service!

The cell module must be unlocked and it must be a 3g module. While we don’t carry 3g modules for the Simon XTi, you can find one here.

As for subscription fees we offer two packages: Basic Interactive and Gold Interactive.

Take a look and Choose the one that works best for you.

For Z-wave automation through you will need Gold Interactive. If you require cloud video you can add that to your package.

As for turnaround, all orders take 1 business day to process. If you already have equipment installed, and have a service only order, the time is typically less.

The panel I currently have has a wireless modem internally, having alreadt spent money on the equipment I am hoping to avoid investing any more money for equipment.

Is it possible that the existing equipment I have to have the item needed that I was told to get?

If the panel doesn’t have that item, can I use it with monitoring service without that item?
If I am required to purchase that module I would prefer to purchase a stand alone panel such as the go control panel. Reality I would rather have switch with a go control prevention spending money with having a different panel

In order to confirm whether or not your Cell Module is compatible with you can check the module’s serial number here. If it passes you will not have to get a new module.

If it does not work with, then you can certainly purchase a new panel from us. Either the Go!Control GC2 or the newer GC3. However, You will need a translator to convert the wireless GE protocol to Honeywell wireless signals which can be used by the 2GIG panels.

With either purchase you will still need to purchase a new 3g cellular module. If you get the GC2 you will need to choose from the Verizon Module -or- the AT&T Module.

If you decide the GC3 is what you want, you can select which carrier you want from the drop down menu in the 2GIG GC3 product description.

Alternatively, You could purchase the Qolsys IQ Control Panel which is already GE compatible.

Without a working 3g cellular module -or- the purchase of a new one you cannot communicate with central station monitoring using your current panel.