Monitoring for Qolsys IQ panel

I just purchased a Qolsys IQ Security Kit with Verizon along with additional door and window sensors from Amazon. I had planned on having it monitored through Suretydiy, but I just today read in your FAQ that Florida is the only state you don’t offer monitoring in. So that sucks.

Update from Surety: It did suck! But it’s no longer an issue. Surety monitoring is available now in all 50 US states.

I called Frontpoint Security and they are telling me, that they can’t program my panel to call their monitoring centers and I’d need to send it back and buy a Qolsys IQ panel from them that would come preprogrammed. To me this sounds ridiculous that they can’t have me program the one I have to call them and I’m sure they just want to lock me into a contract by taking their panel.

What is a good company that offers monitoring in Orlando, Florida and will let me program the Qolsys IQ panel that I already have to work with their system? Thanks in advance for any help.


Other readers may have some suggestions, however we do not endorse any third party.

If you are interested in self-monitoring, interactive service is available through suretyDIY for your area. 24/7 monitoring is not currently. 24/7 central station monitoring is offered to residents in the state of Florida.

I cannot speak for any company’s policies. I will say that compatible panels are linked to accounts via their cellular module communication ID number, not panel phone dialer programming.

How our own service works with existing equipment can be found here.

Thanks, do you have any plans to offer 24/7 monitoring in Orlando Florida in the near future?

There is no ETA for availability, but it is anticipated. 24/7 central station monitoring is offered to residents in the state of Florida.

Please let me know when you’re available here. For now, LifeWatch Security has told me they will activate their monitoring system with a no contract month to month basis on a Qolsys panel that I purchased myself.

I’m actually returning the Qolsys IQ Panel that I just bought to Amazon. I found out the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 is now available for purchase from 24inControl and ordered it today.