Monitoring a garage on a 2GIG panel

How to add garage door open/close

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If you are looking to monitor the status of a outer or roll up garage door, you could accomplish this with an Overhead Garage door, like the 4532L contact coupled with a door/window contact that has an aux input such as the Resolution Products RE201 or the 2GIG DW10.

Proper programming steps would be:

Sensor Type: (23) No Response Type
Equipment Code: (0655) Existing Door/Window Contact
Serial Number: Learn – Trip Sensor
Equipment Age: New
Sensor Loop: 1 (or 3, depending on which inputs you are using)
Transmission Delay: Disabled
Voice Descriptor: As Desired
Sensor Reports: Enabled
Sensor Supervised: Enabled
Sensor Chime: As desired

Sensor Chime: As desired

No Response Type sensors do not create alarms regardless of arming state, and do not affect arming if they are open, but they transmit status to and so can be used for notifications. We typically recommend this type but you could also use Exit/Entry as well.

This video can show you how this setup works.