Modem issue beeping

My modem is blinking amber lights and beeping. I have no messages in telling of an issue. I need help.

Your system is responding to pings and is sending status and sensor activity to ADC. I am not seeing any new reports from the system of any trouble conditions.

Signal strength looks good.

The only current trouble condition is long-standing and it is a broadband dual path failure. Do you have the device connected to your router?

The LEDs on the Neo module are L1-L5 going left to right. Can you describe the activity you are seeing and which LED it is?

Here is a manual to the module. LED descriptions start on page 15.

I am not aware of being connected to router.
L5 & L3 blink 2 times, L4 solid then
L5 blink 3 times L4 solid then
L5 blink 3 times

Then continually repeats

Is the modem beeping or something else like the keypad? I don’t have a PowerSeries Neo but the TL880 ( module) manual doesn’t say anything about beeping.

From the troubleshooting section, L5 indicates Z-Wave status and L3 just indicates when cellular communication is happening, not an error.

3 flashes on L5 means adding a Z-Wave node failed in the last 60 seconds, probably not it.

L3 flashing doesn’t indicate an error.

It may be worth checking the Interactive Services menus using the keypad.

One thought is that if your panel is configured to use dual path but it’s not connected to ethernet with a cable then it might complain. We could try configuring it to only communicate via cellular if you don’t mean to have it using dual path (cellular + internet).

Apparently I was not clear enough, the panel is fine, the modem is beeping.

Apparently I was not clear enough, the panel is fine, the modem is beeping.

The above response is specifically troubleshooting for your panel ‘modem,’ the TL880 cellular and dual path communicator connected to it.

The LED activity you mentioned is not indicative of any error from the manual info, just regular activity. So that we can best assist, can you describe the interval of the beeping? How often is it beeping, how many times?

Is there any other unrelated equipment nearby it that may be producing the beep instead?