MM Sensor - Loss of Supervision Due to Temp?

I’ve been running into an issue with one Mighty Mouse contact sensor I installed about 1.5 months ago. It was installed and working fine for about a month, but for the last couple weeks (since the weather has gotten cold & snowy), it routinely reports a loss of supervision overnight. It has happened every night for the last five nights, and eight times total in the last two weeks.

  • History logs show it’s happening anytime between 1:15 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.
  • The sensor is on a large basement window.
  • I keep the basement thermostat set low (60 F) overnight to save energy.
  • The sensor antenna sits against a vinyl window pane.
  • In the morning, I can open/close the window to clear the loss of supervision, so it doesn’t seem like it’s truly out of range.
  • It IS the furthest sensor from the panel, which may be relevant.
  • There is another MM sensor on another window in the same room; this sensor hasn’t been dropping out. It is probably ~5 feet closer to the panel than the failing one.

I’m going to set the basement thermostat up to 64 overnight for a few days to see if it helps, but I’m concerned the problem will return when the outside temperatures drop further.

Does anyone have some suggestions on how to eliminate this problem? Thank you!

I haven’t seen that exact issue before but based on your description it does sound like it might be temperature related.

Do you have a thermometer you could place next to the sensor to see if there is a correlation between dropping below a certain temp and experiencing loss of supervision?

Does the loss of supervision wake you up? If so, is there any chance you could check at that moment whether opening/closing the window registers on the panel instead of waiting for morning?

Resolution Products lists 0F-120F as the acceptable operating temperature range so unless the temperature at that window location is getting below 0F Resolution Products should be willing to replace it for you and see if that helps. It might actually be a defective sensor.

Other options would be to get a signal repeater or to disable supervision for that sensor but those aren’t ideal.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the reply - It definitely hasn’t dropped below 0F in my area yet. The lowest temp last week was 5F outside, and it should be quite a bit warmer on the interior side of the window.

The loss of supervision doesn’t actually wake me up. The app will show a push notification, but I haven’t heard it at the time of failure yet. The panel doesn’t make an audible alert until 9:00 a.m., but it will show the failure if I’m up and go to disarm the system before then. I don’t have a thermometer that would track minimum temp overnight, but it’s a good idea.

I gave RP a call today and they agreed it sounded like a faulty sensor and said to discuss replacement with you directly. I’ll drop an email to customer service and we can work out whether you or RP can help with this. Thanks again!

This page has information you’ll need to make a return/exchange. There is also a link for the form you’ll need to return with the part in question.

If you purchased it from us then we handle the replacement for you. Resolution Products decides whether the product is defective and needs replaced. We only do the replacement if we get an RMA from them. When I said they should be willing to replace it, I just meant they should be willing to give us an RMA.