Misssing email from alarm.com

I never received email from alarm.com for my new setup. How do I enroll?

Activation is performed on our website after purchase.

Visit suretyhome.com/setup or click here to complete activation. It is a step by step process, during which time your ADC account is created and you’ll connect your system to service.

Hi, are you able to check on the status of my account with alarm.com? I still have not received any login info from them.

You will not receive separate correspondence from Alarm.com when you activate.

At the time you submit your activation form you receive a welcome email from Surety which includes your initial instructions on logging into Alarm.com. You can only login to Alarm.com once you have completed the activation steps and your panel is communicating with Alarm.com. It looks like your system is currently communicating so you should be good to login.

Look for your email with subject Welcome to Surety! Send us a private message if you have any trouble.