Missing Screw for Qolsys IQ Panel


I lost the retaining screw in my qolsys panel. I have tried everywhere to find a replacement and it seem likes is a non-standard size. Do you happen to have one? If not, where could I possible find one?


We do not have individual retaining screws. If it is not a US size it is likely metric. It looks to be a 2mm x 0.4mm metric machine screw. 6-7mm length.

If I contact Qolsys directly do you think they could help me? I don’t live in the state where this alarm is installed so I can’t really play guessing games. I’m only here twice a year.

We’ve emailed Qolsys to request the specifics already. It is an M2.5 x 6 pan head machine screw per qolsys. These can be found at hardware stores.