Missing "No Delay" with Smart Arming

I decided to try the Smart Arming inside the Alarm.com app to arm Stay at a certain time at night. That works fine, except that it does not select “No Entry delay” as I usually do when arming Stay at night, which also causes it to beep while it’s arming (as it does for Away mode). Is it possible to have the Alarm.com app select no delay when using Smart arming? For manual arming, I created a scene inside the app to select no delay and silent arming, which works great, but the Smart arming doesn’t have scenes as an option.

Or maybe in a broader sense, is it possible to force my panel to always select no delay when arming stay? This would solve the above problem as well as when arming via remote control. It’s a Concord 4.

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No entry delay is an arming option which is available selectively when arming the system, each time you manually arm. It is not a global option.

It is not currently offered in Smart Arming, but I am happy to forward this to Alarm.com as a feature request.

That’s unfortunate. But yes please do forward as a feature request. It doesn’t make any sense to arm stay without the delay. It kind of defeats the purpose, not to mention annoying beeping for 1.5 minutes. Thank you.

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I second this!

There are a couple different things referenced here.

To clarify, No Entry Delay and No Exit Delay are two different things. A global setting exists for No Exit Delay for arming stay.

Yes, no entry delay should be an option when using “smart arming” if someone breaks in at night, the siren should immediately go off. Also, it would be nice to add more times to smart arming not just one time range. Use case: people work different shifts and the alarm can re arm after the first person leaves at there usual time for work while others are safer while still sleeping. Please add :slight_smile:

My smart arm doesn’t beep.

Not having an entry delay might achieve the opposite of your goals, has no one in your house ever forgotten to turn the alarm off before opening the door to leave? They might notice the countdown beep and disarm it. Perhaps they also didn’t even notice the countdown beep started, but perhaps someone else was awakened by that and able to turn it off before the actual alarm event…as that is far more disruptive to sleep than the beeping, speaking from experience. Seems using quick exit is the better solution than disabling count down on the perimeter sensors.