Mismatched Sensor Names

I started setting up my sensors.

I’m finding a mismatch between the names I enter on the panel and those that Alarm.com is presenting. I’ve attached examples showing how the word “son’s” and “daughter’s” are translated on Alarm.com to “Man” and “Cave”.

My panel is running firmware v1.13.

It appears the Alarm.com is not smart enough to request the firmware version and use the proper dictionary to translate the 3-digit codes to words. Has anyone else seen this?

Yes, I know I can change them on Alarm.com, but considering that Alarm.com is an enterprise back office service, I don’t know how they could get this wrong.


Oops let me get those images shrunk down…



Looks like this is common in panels with 1.13. I see the same thing with those two words.

ADC is looking into it, but since it will likely change with upcoming firmware for the Go!Control I wouldn’t expect it to change until then. I can’t find any other words that are affected. Perhaps they just really like the term “Man Cave”