Minor Request - Alarm Sign Stakes Too Short


As you know I recently signed up service with you and ordered yard signs (5) and a bunch of window stickers. The yard signs are on really short stakes. In some areas of my home, it would seem as the visibility of the signs is not as good as I would like. After all, one of the best tactics is to deter.

Is there anyway to get longer stakes?

You can place the signs on just about anything…try home depot or Lowes, I am sure you can find something to suffice as a custom size sign stake.

Another suggestion - allow an option to order the signs without stakes. The sign costs $4, but shipping costs almost $20 because of the size of the stake. The sign by itself would fit nicely in a large envelope, and with the money saved on shipping I could buy a nice long stake from Home Depot, and maybe a nice steak for my grill too.

Coincidentally, this ^^ is something that was recently in discussion. We will update here if it has been approved or if and when the changes are planned to take place. Steak is always a noble cause to save.

I like the aluminum stakes as they are…just taller. I feel that if you deviate from that, it looks like “fake alarm company”

Are you saying these stakes are available in longer sizes at home depot?= or Lowes or some other local place?

We have always shortened the yard sign stakes down to fit in a smaller box, one that was just small enough to get the UPS dimensional weight exemption and prevent you from paying a lot in shipping for a metal stick.


Now that UPS and Fedex have removed that exemption, we’ll have to treat the stakes as a separate item.

Here ya go:


You guys rock - thanks for the additional options.

However, I did a test and shipping on the sign only is still $15. Still seems a bit high when it could fit in a flat envelope now - maybe the dimensions need to be tweaked for the UPS calculation?

This is not a high priority for me as I don’t actually need any more signs right now.

Yes thank you. I just bought signs a couple of weeks ago, so the shiping is a priority to me as I wanted to order today. Could you let me know as the shipping is more than the 4 stakes I want to order

Can I give you my own UPS number to charge the shipping to?

Aren’t the stakes 36" normally? are you cutting them down to 30"?

Stakes are 30" standard.

I can pass along the request to customer service. I know that we are currently looking into using USPS for some of these products due to the UPS changes, but have no ETA.