Miniature Overhead Door Switch (4532L) and DW10-345


I am trying to set up my garage door with the 4532L. I have mounted it and wired it DW10. It is now showing on the panel as open and I cant get the 4532 to register it being closed. When I run the magnet by the DW10 it closes. Is there something I have to program on the go panel that is different when the dw10 is wired?


Resolved, please disregard

Wrong loop…

I think it was the loop. Can you define what a loop is, I really don’t know the difference between the 3…thanks

Here is how to do the overhead garage door with dw10

yes that was it sir. Thanks for the great idea, love they way that works…Now if you can solve my motion detector issue I just listed It would be greatly appreciated…