Mini Split AC control via ADC

I currently have 4 heat zones and 1 A/c zone controlled by 4 Honeywell TH8320ZW Z-wave T-stats. I am being told that the system (Mitsubishi) that I want to install is not compatible with these stats. I still need to check myself.
I want to install a 1 Compressor/Heat pump condenser that will serve 4 zones. 1 air handler, 1 mini split wall unit, 1 ceiling cassette, 1 mini split floor unit
I would like to still be able to use the ADC app to control all HVAC.
Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

The mini split system uses ductless parts, and the thermostat controls appear to be wireless. This would not be normally compatible with any compatible Z-wave thermostat as far as I am aware.

Z-wave mini split controls do exist based on what I can find, but they don’t appear to be compatible with any alarm panel.

I’m checking with to see if there are any solutions for this type of system. Will report back here!

So the only real solution to this that is compatible is actually an international product that does not work with US Z-wave controllers.

Mini Split systems do not seem to have enough demand in the US currently, but we have put in an enhancement request for a solution in the future to using ADC with Mini Split systems.

@jwcsurety Thank you Jason. Can you ask for the Kumo Cloud integration? It is a wifi solution.

Yes, that’s probably the best option in my opinion. Direct integration with a software back-end would likely be quicker and more likely solution than a new product.

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Is there any update on this topic? I am also looking at Mitsubishi/Trane mini splits that can be controlled via Kumo cloud. There do seem to be other interfaces as well.

There are no compatible parts that I am aware of for that solution yet. We’ll push this again as a feature request to ADC!

@jwcsurety Can you add Fujitsu as well?

Yep, I’ll look into that and add it to the request!

Poking around a bit, I found this: Mitsubishi PAC-US444CN-1 Thermostat Adapter and Transformer. It appears this can be used to hook up a mini split to a third party thermostat. Any reason why this would not work with an ADC T-3000?

Nice find! I can’t confirm whether that would work with the T3000.

The T3000 is more sensitive to the power on the circuit than the T2000 or some other tstats, so I’m a little hesitant, but it looks like it shouldn’t cause an issue based on what I am seeing in the manual.


Just following up on this. After trying for a year to get this to work with the T3000, I am giving up. If anyone has had better experience or knows a trick, please let me know.

We just purchased a house that has 4 mini-splits in addition to a Trane HVAC system. No problem with integrating the Trane. Any solution yet on the splits? now supports the Sensibo Air and Sensibo Sky which can control mini-splits.

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