Migrating Yale Lock to Alarm.com

I have an existing Yale Touchscreen ZWave lock that has been working fine for the past couple of years with a user code on it. I last night tried to get it connected to Alarm.com on 2Gig. I went to the settings and added it as a device and my panel even gave me a notification of a lock being added.

I can’t get it to acquire Z-Wave settings when I try to connect to the panel which isn’t that far away. I have two GE ZWave modules near it as well. The device showed up in locks on my 2Gig and then when I try to access through the locks it goes yellow on my device list.

When the lock was learned in, was it nearby the panel? Ideally, you will want to make sure you add the lock within about 3 feet of the control panel in order to ensure a proper link.

You can run your control panel on battery and bring it to the lock or remove the lock and bring it to the control panel.

Afterward, you will want to run a Network rediscovery once the equipment is back in its permanent location. This will map Zwave routes and make better use of those repeaters.

General Zwave troubleshooting tips can be found here.

That worked, now my issue is the lock shows up under Door Locks and I can lock and unlock the lock using the ZWave device, but it isn’t showing up under Alarm.com. I rediscovered the network and it shows up on the panel, just isn’t showing up on Alarm.com. No way to send my codes to it.

Z-wave devices often take longer to show up on Alarm.com than other sensors. I have requested an updated equipment list which should hasten the process. Let us know if you still do not see it in the next 10 minutes or so.

Thanks, I forgot how long it could take. It showed up and I just sent user codes over through ADC, I’ll give if time to populate the lock with those.

Wanted to update in case anyone else is having these issues. Just got two door locks working using the method of disconnecting the control panel power and adding them with the panel near by.

My only suggestion to 2Gig would be to allow the TS1 to add this, but then again how often should locks be added? :

Moving the panel and lock close together is so that the panel Zwave radio is close enough to reliably transmit for the pairing process. The TS1 has no Zwave radio.